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Nutri Advanced | Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Nutri Advanced | Ginkgo Biloba Extract

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Gingko biloba is one of the oldest living tree species, which can be dated back over 250 million years, with records showing it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine from as early as 2800 BC. Most Gingko products are made from the extract prepared from its fan-shaped leaves.

High strength standardised Ginkgo Biloba extract tablets may support cognitive function and microcirculation; with each tablet providing 60mg of Ginkgo biloba extract standardised to 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides. By offering a standardised formula we can guarantee the stated levels of the active constituent ginkgo flavone glycoside.

Key Features

  • Ginkgo biloba helps to support the maintenance of good cognitive function.

  • Ginkgo has been well-researched in many scientific studies and may support microcirculation


Ginkgo Biloba Extract 60mg
standardised to 24% Ginkgo flavone glycosides
Tableted with:
Silicon dioxide
Dicalcium phosphate
Stearic acid
Magnesium stearate

Recommended Dose

1-2 tablets daily with food, or as directed.


60 Tablets

Patient Information

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