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Beyond Balance | MC-BAB-2 Drops

Beyond Balance | MC-BAB-2 Drops

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MC-BAB-2 was formulated to offer comprehensive core immune support.

Herbs found in this unique formula may offer support to the immune system’s natural defences in resisting pathogens. Stillingia has been shown in studies to exhibit possible inhibitory properties against several bacterial organisms. Studies indicate that Motherwort may be useful in improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, and supporting the CNS. It may also possess neuroprotective properties according to research.

Clinical use of Plantain has shown it may be immunomodulatory and may support the respiratory and digestive tract. Clove and Black Walnut may exhibit antipathogenic and vermifuge activity. Studies reveal that Skullcap may possess constituents that support the CNS.


Blessed Thistle (Herb) (Cnicus benedictus)
Plantain (Leaf) (Plantago lanceolata)
Motherwort (Herb) (Leonurus cardiaca)
Burdock (Root) (Arctium lappa)
Stevia (Leaf) (Stevia rebaudiana)
Barberry (Root) (Berberis vulgaris)
Damiana (Leaf) (Turnera diffusa)
Cat’s Claw (Bark) (Uncaria tomentosa)
Wild Yam (Root) (Dioscorea villosa)
† Daily Value (DV) Not Established
Other Ingredients: Kosher vegetable glycerin (50% by volume), Filtered water

Recommended Dose

Please consult your clinician.


30ml Bottle

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